Stevie Sectional: U-Shaped Asymmetrical 5pc with Chaise and Wraparound Cushions

ITEM NUMBER: This item consists of either: 73864-WR, two 73852s, 73853, and 73872-WR (first picture) OR 73862-WR, two 73852s, 73853, and 73874-WR (second picture)

Available in Sterling and Cedarwood finishes. Can be constructed as left-side-facing or right-side-facing, as seen in photos.

Construction: Stevie's bases are sturdy all-weather powder-coated aluminum. Backs and arms use textured polyethylene synthetic wicker woven over aluminum pole framing. The tables, which are built into the seating pieces, are designer poly-wood. The cushions are made to the typical South Sea standard: Mold-and-mildew-resistant cores made from layered, high density polyfiber and dry conjugate blend, with covers sewn from fabrics of your choice. Each seat has independent vinyl-strapped suspension.

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